Cemetery Records of Russians Buried in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Museum of Russian Culture is pleased to offer information on the resting places of Russian emigrants who died in the San Francisco Bay Area that was collected from several cemeteries where Russians are interred. While most of the information deals with Russians who settled in the Bay Area after the Russian Revolution, the Russian Civil War, and World War II, information is also provided about their descendents and persons of other nationality who are buried at those cemeteries.

Lists of graves sorted by last name in

The information gathering process began in 2009 when Amir Alexandrovich Khisamutdinov, a history professor of Russian History at Far Eastern State University in Vladivostok, Russia, visited our Museum and reported that he was planning to photograph the graves of Russians buried at Serbian Cemetery in Colma, California, as part of his research into the biographies of post-Revolution emigrants from Russia who lived on the Pacific Coast of the United States. Initially Dr. Khisamutdinov was aided by his research associate and museum member Yves Franquien, as well as by museum members Zoya Gradova and Georgy Tarala. After Dr. Khisamutdinov compiled his list of burials and returned to Russia, our Museum’s president, Nicholas Koretsky, took additional photographs and created the first version of this website. In time, a decision was made to expand the database by including cemeteries other than Serbian Cemetery.

The current version of the website was created by Egor Andreev in 2019.

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